Friday, October 23, 2009

TwitterArchive: Kevin Acklin's "Public Safety Plan"

In response to Pittsburgh mayoral candidate Kevin Acklin's "Public Safety Plan":

@KevinAcklin: Not comfortable w/all the emphasis you place on beefing up police forces. People = Center of community; Police = Derivative

@KevinAcklin: Your "Public Safety Plan" has a confused understanding of the role of police in society. >

@KevinAcklin: > RE "Public Safety Plan": Protect neighborhoods by investing in their people, w/jobs, community resources. >

@KevinAcklin: > RE "Public Safety Plan": Police can do nothing to *build* neighborhoods/community; only react to failures/breakdowns. >

@KevinAcklin: Sorry, but I think your ideology RE [role/function of] police [in society] is backwards. [...]

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